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September 11, 2017

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PRESENTATION and first day of classes:

     13th September ,2017.

April 24, 2017

Book Review

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Now that you've read the book, write your review and share your opinion with the rest!!!

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The benefits of listening to music

March 14, 2017

Argumentative Essays - Samples

Giving your Opinion
Argumentative Essays

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Below you'll find some samples of Argumentative Essays which your classmates have done. Check them out!!!!


Many people think that travelling is one of the most amazing experiences in our life. Many of them believe that it is the best way of knowing and understanding the world.
Firstly, education makes people wiser, but also travelling. For example, people can learn a new language at school. But you will not have learned it until you have lived in that country. It is like food, if you do not taste it, you can only imagine it.
            Moreover, travelling makes you a richer person. Why? Because one of the most incredible issues in our life is living amazing and new experiences. When you visit a new country, you live a mixture of different good feelings.
In addition, the more you travel, the healthier you are. Statistics suggest that people who travel frequently live longer. Because you have new dreams to achieve.
            However, many people say that if you want to travel, you will need a lot of money. But, nowadays there are many low-cost companies and for this reason, it is cheaper than decades before.
            I absolutely think that travelling is one of the best experiences. Because you feel happy when you plan your trip, later when you live it and finally, when you remember it. So, put on your seat belt and prepare to fly, and do not forget to pay attention to the safety demonstration.

Yurena García Sosa.

2) The Environment needs your help!

               Nowadays the whole world feels the effects caused by climate change. On television there is always news about hurricanes, blizzards and droughts and they are happening more frequently. I firmly believe that we have to do something if we do not want to destroy the Earth.
               To start with, using renewable energies, like solar or wind power, is better than using non-renewable energies as renewable sources are abundant and environmentally friendly, that is to say, they do not pollute with CO2 and other toxic gases.
               Moreover, recycling can make the life of our planet longer because it increases resource conservation. For example, some materials can be made back into the same thing or into something completely different. It is also really easy and everybody can do it at home.
               As opposed to the above ideas many people argue that climate change does not exist. But, this view cannot be true because the green house effect is a fact not a theory. It can also be argued that recycling is not the real solution to our environmental problems because we are forced to recycle despite of the fact that  we have more products than we really need. The real problem is over-consumption and the real solution is not to produce such unnecessary items. This point is right but the solution is not enough to get a tolerable planet.
               All things considered, I am inclined to believe that recycling and using alternative energies are essential to prevent things getting worse. We must leave a viable planet for our children to live on.

                                                                                                               Rita del Pino Rodríguez 

3) Getting knowledge through travelling

          Travelling is always a new experience. All the senses get a lot of information during a trip. When we are travelling we get in touch with a big amount of new places, climates and habits. We also meet new and different people. So, travelling is a fantastic way to open your mind to new feelings, emotions and experiences.
          To begin with the topic I would like to say that not all the knowledge is in the books. If we want to have a real idea about the world we are living in, we must go abroad in order to know how people are living in other countries and what kind of feelings, habits and beliefs they have.
          Furthermore, I strongly believe that it would also be necessary to spend some time living in other countries, for instance a few weeks, especially in those which have very different cultures.
          However it seems to me that there are also some people who think reading books and watching TV is enough. I am sorry to say that they are wrong. Nothing can replace an idea that you have experienced by yourself.
          To sum up, in my opinion if you want to become a good storyteller you should try to get your personal experiences by travelling all over the world. In this way your heart will help your mind to tell your stories.

Manuel Martín


Most of people think that travelling provides you with a lot of anecdotes and the more you travel, the better storyteller you become. Obviously it is true.

On the one hand, just the fact of travelling and going from one place to another is a huge experience that you can learn from. It does not matter if you decide to catch a train, a plane, a car, a bus or whatever you want: the trip itself is always interesting -even if you usually travel as a part of your job- because it offers you the opportunity to know many different people to talk with and knowing about other people's lives can make a more experienced person of you.

On the other hand, even in case that you are frightened of travelling and live worried about security you should take into account that those moments, when you have run out of petrol in the middle of anywhere or the turbulence you have just suffered during your last long haul flight, will probably become the best ideas for your new stories.

However, it might be somebody who said that you could be a reasonably good storyteller even if you have never travelled anywhere.....and this is -of course- a matter or imagination. Anyway, I think that you must be able to find a balance between travelling experience and a piece of imagination.

To sum up, travelling gives you the main and best ideas to turn you into a storyteller.

Masole de Armas

5)Travelling:  a way to learn and enjoy.

It is a well-known fact that people nowadays travel for work, on business or for pleasure.  Before the development of transport, travelling was considered an eccentric thing and also an activity for wealthy people.  I strongly believe that travelling is a way to learn and enjoy, otherwise it makes no sense.

To start with, travelling is a way to learn new cultures, it means, for example, taste new food or learning a new language or even to meet new people.  For example, when I was in Mexico, I noticed that men waited for women, they opened the door in order for women to enter first. They always picked us up from the hotel and they did not allow us to pay the bill. I was amazed because I did not get used to it.

Secondly, travelling makes people enjoy their life because it means to exchange your routines into new activities that you share with friends or family.

On the contrary, sometimes when you go on a trip you can get some problems such as delayed flights, lost luggage or, owing to the bad weather, having turbulences.  But, in the end, all of them are stories to tell.

I firmly believe that travelling is a way to live amazing experiences and it is said that “The world is a book, if you don’t travel, you always read the same page”

Juana Teresa Benítez Cabrera