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February 15, 2016

Unit 4B - Extreme Sports - Interviewing Dean Potter

Dean Potter
(April 14, 1974 - My 16, 2015)
He was an American extreme sportsman: free climber, alpinist, base jumper and slackliner. 

Watch the video and answer the questions if you didn't come to this lesson. The photocopies with the task are in the classroom. 

Unit 4B - Are you a risk taker?

Extreme Sports

December 10, 2015

Song: Flying the flag

5' Oral Presentation in January

5' Oral Presentation
Looks aren't everything...or are they?

Resultado de imagen de appearance mattersResultado de imagen de appearance matters

How powerful is the image we project?

Is our appearance really that important?

Do people lose their appeal as they get older?

Resultado de imagen de attractive older women             

Think about this issue and give your honest opinion.

Don't forget to use vocabulary refering to physical appearance,clothing / fashion and aging. Use complex and very descriptive adjectives.

Resultado de imagen de looks arent everything