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February 16, 2017

February 15, 2017

Going to work abroad: an exciting opportunity or a scary one?

Many people decide to look for a better life leaving their homeland behind. But there are always two sides to each story. Post your opinions on the blog...

 Resultado de imagen de working abroad
Resultado de imagen de working abroad

February 10, 2017

Why do we take risks? - BBC 6 Minute English

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We did this listening activity in class this week . If you would like to do it at home, feel free to give it a try!
To download the audio click here

The idea is for you to guess the answer to the following question:

This week's question

What are your chances of being knocked off your bicycle and killed during a one-mile journey (and this is the same as your chances of winning the national lottery)? Is it…

a) 1 in 4 million?

b) 1 in 14 million?

c) 1 in 400 million?

You can hear the right answer at the end of the programme.

The other thing you should do is, with the following vocabulary, check what they say about each word or expression in the programme.


a strong and unreasonable fear of something
the chances of something bad happening
how likely something is to happen
gut reaction
an instinctive emotional response
something which causes a huge amount of damage and suffering
media coverage
reports about something in the News, newspapers, and the internet
something that lasts for a long time
thrill seekers
people who enjoy taking part in extreme sports and other activities involving physical risk
base jumper
a person with a parachute who leaps from tall buildings or cliffs

February 6, 2017

Unit 4B - Extreme Sports - Interviewing Dean Potter

Dean Potter
(April 14, 1974 - My 16, 2015)
He was an American extreme sportsman: free climber, alpinist, base jumper and slackliner. 

Watch the video and answer the questions if you didn't come to this lesson. The photocopies with the task are in the classroom. 

Unit 4B - Are you a risk taker?

Extreme Sports

Why are we addicted to extreme sports?